Animal Lover Gets Dog Stuck in Shelter for Two Years Her Own Billboard to Help Pet Find a Home

Animal Lover Gets Dog Stuck in Shelter for Two Years Her Own Billboard to Help Pet Find a Home

Sally-Sue has been waiting a long time to get adopted. The 11-year-old pit bull’s been sitting in a shelter for two years, hoping to find her furever home. Now one man is on a mission to see that she does—and in a minute, you’ll sense a theme.

Animal advocate Scott Poore’s company, Mission Driven Goods, is a pet-centric venture promoting products aimed at helping long-term shelter pets get adopted.

Poore recently took out a 30-foot billboard—located where else but Mission, Kansas—featuring Sally-Sue’s smiling face and a plea to potential pet parents to make room in their hearts and homes for the loving senior fur baby.

“On social media, we tend to promote the same story to the same people,” Poore told KMBC News. “A billboard, especially on I-35, it’s going to get thousands of views… All we need is that one right person to go by, make eye contact with the billboard, and we’re saving another life.”

Since the billboard is a rental, Poore is working to find the permanent funding he’ll need to keep long-term shelter pets large in the public eye. Right now, he’s taking a one pooch at a time approach.

When Sally Sue—currently at the Always & Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary—gets adopted, the next hopeful doggo candidate will get their shot at the “big time.”

“The dogs that’ll be on the billboard are the ones that have been homeless the longest,” Poore told KMBC.

“The goal is to find her not just a home, [but] the perfect home. As quickly as we do that, [we] move onto the next shelter pet that deserves to be up there.”

While a billboard might be an unorthodox approach to pet adoption, every time another dog finds a home as a result, we’ll count that as mission accomplished.